Friday, January 23, 2009

My husband never ceases to amaze me!

Chad would kill me if he knew I was posting this on the internet but it's just too funny not to share. So I was telling him the other day that I've been experiencing headaches more often now but that I think I'm finally over the morning sickness. I told him things should get somewhat easier once I get into the second trimester. He said "yeah I know." I said "how do you know?" He said "well I read your 'What to Expect When You Are Expecting' book when I'm pooping." I could have died ... for those of you who don't know Chad all that well he never reads anything! Directions ... nah, bills ... nah, notices ... nah. And if he does read it's a couple words of each sentence with some sentences left out. Maybe you had to be there but it's definitely something that I wanted to make a note of!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

13 Week Checkup

Everything is looking good. The bloodwork from last time was all really good. I haven't gained any weight (which could be from being sick all the time!) and the baby's heartbeat is still going strong. The first time we went it was at 175 bpm and yesterday it was at 164 bpm. I saw Dr. Martin this time and I absolutely love her. She's got such a great personality. She explained everything to me and kept telling me what the different sounds were. Apparently Baby Brown doesn't like being listened to because the baby was on the move the whole time! Just like daddy ... can't ever sit still! She also told me not to believe the wives tale about the heartbeat being able to determine if it's a boy or a girl because it will continue to slow down. I asked her about some of the different symtpoms I was experiencing and she said they were all normal. I love being told I'm normal! I was given the go ahead to start prenatal yoga classes at Connection Pointe Christian Church so I'll probably start those this week or next. We go back on Wednesday, February 18th for our next checkup. They will also do an ultrasound to check for any abnormalities on the spine, etc and hopefully if Baby Brown cooperates we'll be able to find out if we are having a boy or girl! I am so excited for that! Then I can do what I do best and shop and decorate! I keep teasing Chad that we are having a girl (he really wants a boy!) so keep your fingers crossed that the baby keeps it's legs uncrossed!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12 Weeks ...

I wish I could say that the time is going by fast but it is not! I've felt horrible this whole time ... I'm either nauseous or really bloated. The nausea has eased up a bit but the bloated feeling hasn't at all. And I just love those comments about how I just need to wait because it only gets worse! Yay! The only thing that has made me feel a little better is that I am starting to show. So what's new in the past few weeks ... well Christmas was hard because I felt so horrible. All the food and smells just made it so much worse and I wanted so badly to be in good spirits but it was hard to do. New Year's was spent with our neighbors Joe and Krista. They are a lot of fun and very much like Chad and I. They are trying to get pregnant so keep them in your prayers! Let's see ... oh yeah Chad cut off part of his finger ... gross! We tried to bandage it up ourselves but our efforts failed. We had to go to the Immediate Care last weekend for them to fix it. He basically sliced off his fingerprint on his right pointer finger so there wasn't anything they could do other than superglue it ... yeah you read it right ... superglue. We are hoping it heals up soon because he's beginning a basketball league this weekend and really wants to play. It's doing better but is still pretty tender. And lastly, while I was waiting in the waiting room at the Immediate Care ... I think I contracted the flu virus. The worst part was I thought it was morning sickness ... then food poisoning ... but nope it was the flu. I've been down the past 3 days and just feel so yucky. I called the doctor because I was concerned I was hurting the baby with all the throwing up and not being able to eat but after telling them my symptoms, they said I was fine. Other than that things are going ok. I'm having a hard time sleeping and keep having nightmares that something is wrong with the baby. I know I'm being paranoid but it's so weird now taking care of not only myself but our baby. I'm sure I'll be reassured at the doctor on Monday that everything is going just fine. One last note, my friend Mindy who lives in Arizona is having a really hard time right now. She struggled for many years trying to conceive and was blessed a couple years ago with beautiful twins (through in vitro). Unfortunatley, Mindy has had 2 ectopic pregnancies in the past 5 months and both were serious enough that they had to remove both her tubes. She's really broken up about not being able to expand their family which is something she really wanted to do. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a swift recovery and peace of mind. I'll let you know after Monday how my doctor's visit went.