Monday, October 26, 2009

3 Months!

Colton won't have a wellness check again until 4 months so we decided to weigh him and measure his length ourselves. According to our measurements, Colton is 14 pounds 13 ounces and 25 3/4 inches long. It's been a busy month I'm not going to lie! Auntie K is planning her wedding so we do a lot of reception site visits and visits to the craft stores for ideas. Daddy is playing basketball 2 times a week. We try and see the grandparents at least once a week and we've decided in order to maintain a healthy marriage, we need a mommy-daddy night at least once a week. Oh and the funnest thing this past month was that we celebrated Colton's first halloween!Things about Colton at 3 months:
  • He can laugh! We've heard him attempt to laugh when he was 8 weeks and he normally just inhales and makes a squeaky noise but he had his first real laugh at 11 weeks when we were tickling his belly! It's kind of a "huh-huh" and is so cute!
  • His tickle spots are his arm pits, neck, belly, and feet.
  • He can roll over with ease from his belly to his back.
  • He steadily holds his head up and looks around while pushed up on his arms when doing tummy time.
  • Sometimes he just gives up on doing pushups on his belly and just brings his knees up and puts his butt in the air. If he could just get those arms under him he might be up all on fours really soon!
  • He loves his jumper (he went in a jumper at 11 weeks!)
  • He rolls onto his right side from his back. He'll do this by either arching his back and falling onto his side or by pulling his knees up and rolling onto his side.
  • He is super alert! He takes a 2 hour nap in the morning and then two 45 minute naps in the afternoon and that's it. He is always wide eyed and looking around. The daycare is absolutely amazed by how alert and strong he is!
  • He sleeps from 8:00 PM to 5:30 AM all the time!
  • He loves to watch TV (especially football)!
  • He eats 6 ounces every 2-3 hours which has tapered off this month (thank goodness!)
  • He puts everything in his mouth!
  • He will hold onto toys but still isn't reaching for them yet.
  • He loves bath time! He is almost too big for the newborn sling in his bath tub and he is started to learn how to splash!
  • He puts weight on flat feet when you stand him up. You can even hold onto his waist and he is steady enough to support his upper body and look around!
  • He still really loves music!
  • He is going to be a talker just like his momma!
  • He's been in 6 month clothing since he was 2 months old but they are starting to get a little snug!
  • He hates laying down when you hold him! He always wants to be upright. The only times he'll stay laying down is when you change him, lay him down for bed, or put him on a play mat. If he's laying down, he can get his head and shoulders off the ground! If you grab his hands, he'll pull himself up into a sitting position and if he's feet are positioned just right he'll pull right up into a standing position.
  • He loves to snuggle now! He'll curl up when you hold him and he'll curl up into you when he's laughing! So cute!

Things we are working on with Colton:

  • Balancing while sitting up
  • Reaching for toys
  • Reading ... well not him but with him
Here are some pictures from over the past month! Enjoy!

The shirt says it all!

I don't know who he learned that from?!? Standing up Momma and Baby Watching TV Great Grandma, Grandma & Colton Showing off how he can stand Great Grandma brought Colton his first pumpkin Playing under the sea Grand-Nanna & Colton Grand-Dude & Colton Look how good I am during tummy time First time in my bouncer I love bath time! How can you not love this kid!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 Month Checkup

Colton had his 2 month checkup yesterday. He is now 13 pounds 13 ounces and 24 3/4 inches long. He had to get 2 shots and 1 oral vaccination. He loved the oral vaccination (cause the boy loves to eat) and the first shot wasn't too bad but the second one really made him cry. He quit about 30 seconds after the shots and then worked over the nurses out in the checkout area. They just oohed and ahhed over him ... and just felt so bad for the little guy. What a flirt! He was pretty fussy last night though. You could tell his legs were really bothering him. Every time I moved him he'd just start wailing! We finally got him to go to sleep (you could tell he was really fighting it) but he slept through the night still.
The doctor was quite amazed at his abilities at this point. She kept calling him an over-achiever (just like his momma!) I asked her what his milestones should be this month and she said holding his head up steadily (check!), pushing up with his arms while doing tummy time (check!), and lifting his head and shoulders off the ground when on his back (check!). So he's doing really great! We're going to try and work on tummy time more in the evenings so he really gets his pushups going.
Here are some other things Colton is doing now:
  • Colton is sleeping through the night! He's been doing this for about 2 weeks now!
  • Colton is also holding on to his toys (but still not really reaching out for them).
  • He's starting to understand the concept of a rattle.
  • He loves music! It really calms him down.
  • He likes to "talk" to daddy (but not so much for mommy). They'll go back and forth for a solid 10 minutes making noises to each other. Colton is getting really good at imitating the sound Chad makes.
  • He makes spit bubbles now and puts his hands in his mouth all the time.
  • He's learned the power of a pouty bottom lip (I melt every time!)
  • He likes to scoot on his back (which is a real problem in his crib!) He wakes up every morning stuck up in the corner! His legs are so strong!
  • He's a big flirt and loves to smile for the ladies.
The doctor did warn us that about this time, babies tend to get fussy each day around a certain time. We've noticed that he gets pretty fussy in the evenings about 6:30 which isn't so bad because he'll normally take a little power nap while we eat dinner and then wake up just in time for his bedtime feeding.
Speaking of feeding, the doctor did say that we were giving Colton too much food. Whatever. He eats 6 ounces every 3 hours (except for at night because he sleeps through it) and like Momma Garrett says "if you're hungry, you ain't happy." I told Chad this his feeding have tapered off now so we'll just stick with the 6 ounces for a while. He's not overweight so I'm not that concerned with it. He's just a big boy. She said if he continues this eating pattern that by the time we are up to baby food and formula, we'll be spending mega money on both. But like I said earlier, he has tapered off with his feeding so we'll stick with this for now.
He's now in daycare and we love the infant staff! I've never walked into the room and heard crying and they have 8 babies (from 8 weeks to 13 months) in the room. I came back to work last week and didn't feel bad about dropping him off at all. Miss Debbie (the morning lady) reminded me of my mom so I just felt so comfortable leaving Colton in their care.
Colton will have his 4 month checkup on December 4th but I'll be sure to keep you updated on anything wonderful that he does until then!

Working on situps with mommy

Snuggling with my blankie Grand-Nanna made me Listening to music Check out my 6 month outfit ... little wide but the length is just right My new trick ... works every time! Shaking my rattle