Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching Up - Part 2 (7 Weeks)

First scratches on face - he's such a boy!
He really likes his bouncer now!
Showing off for Grandma & Grandpa Brown
Loves the sound of waterfalls!
Don't worry - he didn't eat much!
Mommy's new hairdo!
I'm so good at holding my head up!
His new thing is to suck on his hands & he drools a lot now too!
Grasping his toys now!
Big C & Lil C with their bottles
Chillin' in his first track suit
His first fire!

Catching Up - Part 1 (6 Weeks Old)

First play date
*Pictured with Mara*
First night sleeping in his room
Sucking on his shirt
*He also makes spit bubbles now*
Look at his big belly!
He likes too sleep on mommy's chest!
Grand-Nanna the Jungle Gym
Taking a nap on Grand-Dude
*First signs of him being sick on this day too*
First Sunday football game

Saturday, September 5, 2009

1 Month Checkup

Colton had his 1 month checkup. He now weighs 11 pounds 10 ounces and is 23 3/4 inches long. The nurse measured his length twice because she was shocked at how much he'd grown over the past 3 weeks! He still has the bad tear duct so we are to keep putting medicine in his eye to hopefully clear it up. If it doesn't get better by about 9 months then he'll have to see an eye doctor and possibly get a rubber tube put into his tear duct. Yuck! The spot on his lip is a sucking blister which is normal and he has cradle cap so we'll have to wash his head with Selsun Blue until it clears up. Dr. Duck did tell us that him rolling over was a fluke and that he really shouldn't be doing that for another couple of months. We'll see?!? He had to get his second Hepatitis shot and that broke my heart. Chad is going to have to come with me next time because I didn't like having my baby hurt!

*Colton pointing to his boo-boo ... don't worry, chicks dig scars!*

Colton amazes us with how much he changes each day. He's really working on his smile and it won't be long before he laughs I just know it. When he is awake, he is so alert. He just looks around and stretches his legs and arms and he's so strong! He gets to squirming around and gets frustrated like he really wants to be able to move around but just can't yet. He loves to swing and we've been working on his tummy time to strenghten his neck. He holds his head up quite a bit already and sometimes it's hard to believe he's only 1 month old.

*Such a sweetheart*

He eats about 4 to 5 ounces every 3 hours or so but he always acts like he's hungry (just like his daddy!) He's still sleeping well at night too. When we put him down around 9:00 PM he'll sleep up to 5 hours before he wakes up and wants to eat. He usually eats and then goes right back to sleep. If he doesn't go back to sleep, then I usually stay up for about 30 minutes either holding him or walking around with him until he gets sleepy. He's not fussy during this time just wide awake and I have to tell him that mommy and daddy really need him to sleep a little longer so we can sleep a little longer! Once he goes back down he'll sleep another 3 hours so we really can't complain! As for mommy, I'm still healing. I often feel like I'm doing really well and then I overdo it and pay for it the next day. My incision is still pretty tender but my back is feeling much better. Chad and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's visited, called, sent cards and/or gifts, or who has made comments on our blog or Facebook accounts. We also want to give a special thanks to anyone who's made us dinner over the past few weeks! That's been a real life saver! We are very thankful for our wonderful support group of family and friends!

Dakota & Colton

Future Basketball Star

*Wink Wink*

Working on his smile!

First Trip to Grandma and Grandpa Brown's House

First Labor Day Parade - Chilling with Grand-Dude

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Colton Rolled Over!

So we were working on our tummy today and Colton decided to try and roll from his belly to his back ... I grabbed the video camera just in time to catch him rolling onto his back successfully! He's only 4 weeks old! What an over achiever!