Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is what you find when your child is being too quiet

I know I know ... I have a lot of catching up to do but it's just been sooooo busy lately (both at home and work) that I just haven't had time.  I'll try soon to get us current!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Family Vacation

We travelled to Gulf Shores, Alabama for our first family vacation.  We drove down there and Colton did really well in the car.  We were quite surprised when we opened the door to our condo.  It was really beautiful and overlooked the ocean.  Absolutely perfect!  We spent alot of time at the pool, visited the Alabama Culf Coast Zoo, and went to Alligator Alley.  We spent some time at the outlet mall and visited every restaurant ... well not really but it sure felt that way!  I loved it!

First look at the ocean!

First time in the ocean!

Look at those cutlery skills!

Enjoying some time by the pool

Wearing his sunglasses like daddy

Imitating all the kids 

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Petting goats, sheep, bunnies and ducks at the zoo

Holding a baby kangaroo

What a great experience!

Lunch at the Oyster House

Dinner at Gulf Island Grill

Stroll at night along the beach

Colton LOVED the pool!

Petting a 2-year old alligator

Showing us his BIG alligator bite

Alligator Alley

Waiting for a table at LuLu's

Playing in the sand

Waiting for a table at Lambert's

Enjoying his favorites - corn and cottage cheese

Such a good time at Lambert's!

Playing in the ocean

The waves got bigger and bigger each day we were there

Foley Alabama Railroad Museum

Black Steam Engine

The jets in the tub made for some BIG bubbles!

Colton got more comfortable with the ocean each day

Colton & Daddy's footprint

Working on a sand castle

What a cutie!

Look at the sunglasses he picked out!

Our last night in the condo :(

My favorite boys!

Last time pushing the elevator buttons - Colton loved pushing the buttons!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Slumber Party ... Well An Attempt At One!

So the adults were trying to get the boys to lay down, have some popcorn, watch Toy Story and hopefully quietly drift to sleep ...
Trying to get them to lay down

So far so good ...

Such sweet little things!

It's been about 10 minutes now and we are out in the living room sitting on the couch, talking about life, and reminiscing about our early years.  We hear a thud ... then some giggles ... wo we sneak in to see this:

Needless to say, they never went to sleep!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Been Hot Lately!!!

Fourth of July Weekend

We started our weekend off with a playdate with Mason.  I went to junior high and high school with his mommy and I'm really excited we have found each other as friends again!

Then Sunday, Colton and I went to the zoo!  We visited the new tiger exhibit, rode on the train (probably his favorite part of the day), played in the Splash Park, and visited the gift shop where Colton picked out an Animal Train set.  We had a good time together!

On Monday, we ventured out in the rain to see the Brownsburg Parade.  We got a great spot under a big tree which kept us out of the rain.  We had a little breakfast picnic and then enjoyed the parade along with Neemaw and Papaw.

We came home for a little while and decided that we needed to have Neemaw and Papaw over for a cookout.  We played in the pool and had a nice afternoon!

Clever little booger!

Who's Drink Is That?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I got skills!

Happy 4th of July

23 Months ... He's almost 2... Can you believe it?!?

This month went by super fast!  Colton has become an amazing little talker.  We always get comments about how well he talks for only being 2.  Here are some funny things he says now:
  • Toy Stoy-dee-dee-dee (Toy Story)
  • Mee-mo (Nemo)
  • Evil Pook-choo (Evil Dr. Porkchop from Toy Story) - This is usually followed by Colton saying "That's Ham"
  • Drag-it (Dragons) - He likes to watch "How to Train A Dragon"
  • Tap-it-er (Caterpillar)
  • "I sharted" - for those of you who aren't familiar with this term it's when you fart and leave a little behind ... yeah Chad taught him that.
  • Will tell you "I dry" or "I squishy" or "I wet" when you ask him about the status of his diaper
Our first attempt at potty training - FAILED
Colton was tapping his spoon against Bumpaw's and saying "Cheers"
Lock up  your daughters!!
Look how tall this kid is!
Trying to put on his own undies
So proud of himself!
 Loves the water!
Father's Day
Testing out mommy's cupcakes
Colton's First Luau
Poor Colton - so sick!
Checking out the new tiger exhibit at the zoo
Playing in the water at the zoo