Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Colton has been introduced to treats because of our advent calendar.  Unfortunately he can't stop at one!  Here's a video of him asking for treats and then celebrating with a little Mickey.  Watch what he does when you ask him if it's all gone :)

Figures ...

The first 3 syllable word he masters is BASKETBALL.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Holidays

Hoping you and your family have a
wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

16 Months!

This is super late but it's just so busy right now ... exciting time of year but so busy!  So far the tree has stayed up and Colton has only broke one ornament!  Don't worry Matt and Kelly ... it was a Purdue ornament ... silly Hoosiers!

Weight:  28.4 pounds
Height:  ??  He won't sit still long enough for us to measure him

What's Colton Been Up To:
  • So Colton's talking up a storm now.  I am officially "Mommy" ... I absolutely love walking into the room and hearing him say "Mommy" and run to me!  He's also mastered the word "basketball" ... hmmm wonder why?  And he's just recently started to say "oh tood" ... which is short for "oh toodles" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • He's figuring out when he's going potty in his diaper.  He'll grab the front of his diaper, scrunch up his face, and say "poo".  Last night he actually said this, and then pooped ... oh if I could have only ran faster!  He likes to flush the potty and tell the yucky bye bye.
  • He loves to dance!  We spend at least a half an hour each day dancing!
I'm sure there's a lot more but that's the problem ... he's learning too quickly!

 First Pacer Game - He loved it!

 He's so good with his shapes!

 Helping daddy with his bed

 So tired!

 Sitting like a big boy at the table!

 Oh ok ... I see the resemblance now!

 Colton hanging the first ornament!

Giving Colton his daily Christmas treat

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This kid loves juice!

I wish I would have had my camera to catch the first part of this where he went into the pantry ... pointed out the juice ... actually lifted the juice container up ... and then made it to the point I started recording ...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

15 Month Update

Weight:  27 pounds 13 ounces (75th-90th percentile)
Height:  35 3/4 inches (97th percentile)

Observations from his appointment:
  • He is experiencing an an allergic reaction to Luvs diapers on his back
  • He has chapped cheeks (on his face people ... geez!)
  • He has 7 teeth on top and 7 teeth on bottom and the possibility of one more on the bottom coming in really soon
  • He has a slight ear infection in right ear but nothing too serious
He received his MMR and Varivax vaccines along with the first round of the flu shot.  He didn't like the shots at all and proceeded to push mommy out of the room and close the door on her.  He's so dramatic!  Mommy bribed him with a sucker and then they were friends again.

What's Colton up to now?
  • Repeats words you say all the time.  They are not always right or even comprehendible but it's still neat to see him try.  His latest words are:
    • Elmo
    • Kelly (Telly)
    • All done (he says this whenever his sippy is empty or when he's done eating)
    • Outside
    • Shoes
    • Pumpkin (bumpin)
    • Grandpa (Bompa - this is what he calls Linz's dad)
    • Oval
    • Baby
    • Sister (sista - no there's no 2nd baby on the way ... just something he read in a book)
    • Bath (bat) - he still loves bath time and will run into the bathroom when you ask him if he wants to take a bath
    • Football (boo-ball)
    • Cooper (Coop Coop - which is what we nicknamed our cat Cooper)
    • Mickey (he says mama ... yeah I know ... kind of a stretch but that's what he calls Mickey right now)
  • He can walk up the stairs like a big boy by holding onto the wall
  • He can go down the stairs like a big boy at Bompa & Nana's because their handrail is lower than ours
  • Sat up (from laying on his back)
  • Covers his eyes when you ask him "Where's Colton"
  • Can point to and say eyes, nose (said "no"), and mouth (said "m-ow)
  • Can point to his ears, belly, and feet/toes
  • Will show you his hands when you ask him where his hands are
  • Will fluff his hair is you ask him to
  • Knows (and does) sounds for tiger/lion (he growls), elephant (woooo), monkey (woo woo woo), horse (sounds a lot like elephant) and duck (quack quack)
  • Loves to tell people "Hi" and "Bye"
  • When Chad buckles him into the car seat in the morning he leans forward with puckered lips for kisses and then tells daddy "bye"
  • He gets really excited for Mickey Mouse and loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He's got a Mickey Mouse beach ball and he likes to give Mickey a kiss.
  • He can climb into his high chair now.
  • Still loves books, balls and cars.

     Some of the great-grandchildren at Grandma Brown's 80th Birthday Party
     Look at the big boy brushing his teeth
     Watch out ladies!
     There's that big cheesy smile!
    " Mom, I thought we were on the Do Not Call list?"
     Out for a Sunday drive
     Almost big enough
     Dunking his oreos
     Mmmm ... oreos!
     Did someone say bath time?
     Enjoying Fall
     Raking with daddy
     Trying to whistle like daddy
     Eating cherry tomatoes over at Grandma & Papaw's
     Don't tell ... we're stealing from the neighbors garden ... shhh!
    Totally in love with this kid!
We're having some disciplinary issues right now that we are trying to work on (like hitting mommy - and only mommy - in the face).  We made him a special Time Out chair that works pretty well and we're also trying to work on saying "No" very firmly.  It'll take time and it's all about staying consistent.

Colton's Time Out Chair

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween - Star Wars Style

When I found this Chewbacca costume I just had to buy it.  Chad does this sound when he yawns that makes him sound just like Chewbacca and I've heard Colton do it a couple of times too.  I know there are probably much cuter outfits I could have put him in but this one definitely had a meaning to us.

 Colton loves M&Ms!
 Our cute little Chewy!
 Colton's Bag from Mommy & Daddy
 Trick or Treat
 Colton with Aunt Kelly
 Whatcha got there Mom?
 His backup costume!
 Izzy is such a good dog!
 Colton gave the doll a kiss and said "baby"
 Poor Izzy!
 Mmmm ... Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 11, 2010

14 Month Update

Weight:  28 pounds 10 ounces
Length:  33 1/4 in

He is such a blessing and we enjoy every day with him.  He learns so quickly and changes so much each day.  Here's some of his latest "tricks":
  • Blows kisses (I have a video posted of that) and he also gives kisses!  His two favorite gals right now are Aunt K and Miss Mara!
  • He can use a fork all by himself
  • Knows / signs:
    • More (touches pointer fingers together)
    • Please (rubs belly)
    • Drink (puts his finger into his mouth and pulls it out making a popping noise)
  • Talks talks talks ... he babbles on and on and has quite a list of words he can say and recognize.  His list of words he can say are (and I'm sure I'm forgetting some):
    • Mama
    • Daddy ... said dadeee
    • Nana
    • Cat ... said daaaat
    • Clock ... said clooooock
    • Dog
    • Car ... said caaaar
    • Fish ... said tish
    • Eyes
    • Nose ... said noooo
    • Mouth
    • No ... said nah
    • Up (with the emphasis on the "p")
    • Down
    • Done
    • Book ... said boook
    • On / Off (usually when there's a light switch involved)
    • Boat
    • Bye Bye (usually accompanied with a wave or blowing kisses)
    • More ... said moooore
    • Ball ... said ba or sometimes baaaall
    • Pretty (he's said this a couple of times)
    • I've heard him say his name a couple of times but I think that's a fluke
    • Touchdown ... said tada
    • Booms (knuckle knocks blowing up ... he'll say boom)
  • Other words he knows but doesn't say yet: 
    • Ears (he'll flip his ears)
    • Feet (touches his feet)
    • Belly (points at his belly)
    • Fluff your hair (he'll rub his hand on top of his head)
    • Outside (he'll run to one of the doors)
    • Sippy (he'll run to the refrigerator)
    • Eat (he'll run to his high chair)
    • Snack (he'll run to the pantry)
    • Turtle (he can find all the turtles in the bath)
    • Duck
    • Bird
    • Slide (he'll walk over to his play set to slide)
    • Diaper (he'll get a diaper out for us now)
    • Baskets (we use this to have him help pick up his toys since he likes to make baskets all the time)
  • He's getting really good at walking fast / running

  • He knows "Ring around the rosey" ... he'll spin around in a circle while you sing and sometimes he'll fall down when he's supposed to
  • He'll bring his shoes to you and lift his foot to put them on
  • He loves to read! His favorite books right now are "Five Little Pumpkins", "That's Not My Dinosaur", and "Wiggle Your Toes"
    • In the book "Five Little Pumpkins" it says "oooh went the wind and out went the lights ..."  well I'll say "ooh went the wind and [pause]" Colton will say "out" when we get to that part ... it's so cute!
  • He is really into climbing right now ... it's a little unnerving to see Colton standing on top of toys or trying to climb up onto speakers!
We've added brushing our teeth to our bedtime routine ... he steps up onto his step stool and we brush our teeth after our bath. It's pretty cute!

 Sitting in a booster seat at Noble Roman's
 His favorite thing to do ... play with cords!
 Playing horn with a toilet paper roll!
 Helping mommy do some yard work
Climbing on top of the hot tub  
 Bubble goatee
 Love his smile!
 Playing trucks
 Little stinker
 Teaching Colton he can touch the pumpkin
 Check out these skills!
 That's right people ... I can use a fork now!
 Dressing up like George Washington
Mommy and Colton 
 Picking out a book
Helping Daddy mow 
His favorites ... Doug Dog, Lucy Bug, and his blankie
 Playing ball with Aunt K
Getting so good at taking steps down

Colton goes November 5th for his 15 month check up.  We've been warned it's a rough round of vaccines so we're not real excited ... but I'm sure he'll do just fine.  Whenever they warn us to except something, Colton always does the opposite!