Monday, April 26, 2010

Follow Up & 9 Month Wellness Check

Colton's lungs sounded good at his follow up appointment so it looks like what put him in the hospital has cleared up completely!  YAY!

Dr. Duck also did his 9 month wellness check while we were there (since there were no shots) and Colton now weighs 24 lbs 6 ozs (95th percentile) and is 30 1/2 inches long (above 95th percentile).  Big baby!  And he won't even be 9 months until the 3rd.  I think I'll remeasure him then to see if he's grown anymore!  I'll also update on what he's been doing at that time too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mara!

We attended our first birthday party this past weekend and had a great time. 

*Mara the birthday girl*

Colton ate cheese, goldfish crackers, broccoli and cupcakes with ice cream. 

*Can you see my 4 teeth?*

He showed off his amazing sippy skills as well as his new moves. 

*Real men drink from pink sippies*

*Going hulk on us*

It was great weather and we had a lot of fun!

Colton's Doing Great

We take Colton back for a follow up on Friday, April 23rd.  He is doing really well now and sounds great.  He's also getting back on a schedule which is great for Mommy and Daddy!

*Colton's Boo Boo Bear*
~Thanks Val and Gayle~

Basically, Colton developed an infection in his lungs that was causing respiratory failure when he was sleeping.  So our stay at the hospital was longer than expected because he wasn't allowed to be discharged until he could sleep through the night without oxygen.  But we made it through and Colton is doing great.  His cough is gone and he no longer wheezes when he breathes.  He's got his energy back and is on the go all the time.  Our biggest problem now is that he became really spoiled those few days with being held so he has been whining a lot and likes to be held.  So we're slowly backing off of that.  Last night he did amazing though so we are definitely on the right track!

Colton's 1st Easter and ER Visit

Our Easter celebration started Wednesday, March 31st. 
Grandma and Grandpa Brown brought over some goodies for Colton.

*Trying to pull out the goodies*
*Building Blocks*
*Tearing off the paper*

Then we spent Saturday with Nana, Dude, Aunt K and Great Grandma Paula.

*Drumming with Grand-Dude*
*Always the center of attention*
*Such a sweet boy*
*This is how I roll*

This is what the Easter Bunny left for Colton on Easter morning.

*Basket and other goodies*
*Where do I start*
*Our little snot nose bunny*

But we had to skip the Easter Egg Hunt at Great Grandma Brown's and make our way to the Emergency Room.  You can see from the picture above that Colton was a mess!

8 Month Update

Weight:  23.2 lbs
Height:  30 1/4 inches
  • Can crawl really fast
  • Pulls up on anything now
  • Claps hands when you say "yay"
  • Understands patty cake
  • Clicks tongue
  • Working on waving good bye
  • Eats anything you put in front of him (but prefers for you to feed him)
  • Still loves bath time
  • Prefers mommy right now

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're Home!!

We made it home last night!  I'll update about his condition, his 8 month stats, and his 1st Easter when I get a chance!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little Man Is Hospitalized

*Colton Easter morning before he began his shallow breathing*

We have been in Pediatrics at Clarian West since Sunday. We originally brought Colton in because we were concerned he was getting dehydrated from being ill. He wasn't eating or drinking anything and hadn't had any wet diapers for 6 hours. Of course it was Easter Sunday so the Immediate Care was closed. We got here Sunday at 2:00 PM, waited until 6:00 PM to see a doctor, and then was admitted to Peds at 9:30 PM.
Our initial concern of dehydration was cleared but they had concern about his breathing. He was breathing way too fast.  So the gave him a breathing treatments of albuterol and steroids but his fever spiked to 102 and he was still taking real short breaths.

Dr. Duck saw us Monday morning. Colton does have an ear infection in his right ear so they began some antiobiotic treatments to clear up any infections he might have. Dr. Duck also prescribed prednisone and double doses of breathing treatments every 2 hours. We continued this through last night and have been bumped up to treatments every 3 hours now.
The main concern is that when Colton sleeps, his oxygen saturation drops really low. Babies are naturally designed to wake up when it gets too low but we just aren't sure why this is happening. The breathing treatments have definitely cleared him up but hasn't taken care of the oxygen issue yet. There could be some secretions or imflammation still in his chest causing the drop in oxygen and they keep telling us to give the steroids time to work but nothing yet.  We aren't allowed to be discharged until he is at treatments every 4 hours and not needing oxygen when he sleeps. So we'll be here atleast another night but they are hoping that we can switch to every 4 hours by this evening.  I'll update when I can but keep us in your prayers!
*Just checked in ... not feeling very well*

*We put the ER in East-ER*

*Sweet baby boy*
*In pretty good spirits on Monday*

*Let me out of here*