Monday, March 7, 2011

19 Months

Colton is becoming such a big boy.  He moved to the "2's & Waiting" room on Monday, February 28th and had a really great week in the new room.  His reports came back well and he did a great job minding Miss Missie and Miss Megan.  He's back with some of his old friends and is learning new things everyday!

We've had a few weeks of sickness in our house but we are all healthy now (so far!)  Colton's been a little fussy lately and we are wondering if he isn't already working on his 2 year molars!  We can't feel anything but we have the drooling, runny nose, grumpiness that normally goes along with teething.

What Colton is up to now:
  • He's discovered "poot" and "burp"  He uses the term "poot" for poop or passing gas and he'll say "I burp" whenever he burps. 
  • He's permanently in his big boy bed now and he was rewarded with a nice little 22" flatscreen TV for his bedroom to watch Mickey before he goes to bed.
  • If you ask him to say the magic word (which is please) he says "Meeska" as in Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse.  The magic word to make the clubhouse appear!
  • He's learned that an octagon means stop
  • He is now using the word "woah" and in the right context
  • He's learned what a "boo boo" is
  • He's learned how to properly use the word "yucky" ... sometimes he even says "icky yucky"
  • He prefers showers over baths
  • He's really good at pointing out animals and telling you what sound they make
It's been an exciting month though.  We had a princess themed birthday party for Miss LeiLa at our house.  We booked our first family vacation to Gulf Shores for the end of July.  We attended a Super Bowl party with our neighbors.  We took Colton skating for the first time.  We've successully moved Colton to a big boy bed and he's now in a big boy class at daycare ... I'm curious to see what this month brings!

Taste testing the cake for LeiLa's party
Getting in trouble with LeiLa
Hanging out with Mara
Our little prince
Snuggling with Cubby
MMM popcorn
Getting in trouble
Colton picked the Packers
Like father like son
Let's roll
Daddy and Colton
Mommy and Colton