Friday, September 17, 2010

Blowing Kisses

This is Colton's newest "trick" and it is by far my favorite!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sliding ...

Colton has figured it out! 

Yes Colton, that slide does have a purpose
other than ramping cars down it ... or throwing balls at it!

While he prefers the traditional "sit down" slide,
he has also mastered the "backward" slide,
the "face first" slide,
our favorite by far is the "splits" slide.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 Year and 1 Month ...

It's been a quick month!  Colton is now 28 pounds (he was officially weighed at his trip to Immediate Care on Sunday - no biggie - just a stomach virus that's going around) and he is 33 1/4 inches tall.

He is solidly wearing 2T clothing (although the necks are sometimes a little too wide for him) and is pushing the limits on his size 6 shoes.

It's been a rough month but a month of new developments as well ... all of Colton's molars have broke through the skin so between that, his ear tube surgery, and his 2 rounds of diarrhea ... I'm pooped!  ha ha!  We have a follow up appointment on Friday, September 17th for his ears but the doctor at the Immediate Care said his ears looked fantastic! 

Colton is talking up a storm and really relating the words to objects.  He can identify fish (said "tish"), dog,  and cat (said "dat").  He can say clock and point out all the clocks in the house.  He is getting better with saying ball instead of "ba".  He can say car and uh oh and he can say nose (said "no" and point to your nose ... and then pick it!)  He is now saying bubbles and if you yell touchdown he'll put his arms up in the air and sometimes say "ta da".

One of the funniest things though is when you take off his shoes or if someone "toots" and you say "shew-y stinky", he will start fanning his face like it stinks!  It's hilarious.  We had been making a big deal about his feet stinking when we take his shoes off and he would just laugh at us ... nothing too exciting.  Then a few days later, Kelly and Chad were playing with Colton on the couch and Chad let out a nasty that was so bad Kelly and him had to move.  We all started joking about how bad it stunk and then realized we had left Colton on the couch in the funk ... well when we looked over Colton was laughing and fanning his face and shaking his head no!  Priceless!

Some other big changes with Colton is that Colton can shake his head no ... he doesn't tell us no (yet) but will shake his head if he doesn't want his drink or more to eat.  He has also signed "more" when we've asked him if he wants more to eat. 

He has figured out how to climb up the rock wall, sit down, and scooch forward enough to go down the slide all by himself. 

He is also getting really good at his shape sorter and matching the shapes up with the right hole. 

He will pick up an item he thinks is the phone and hold it behind his ear and say "uh-lo" ... we can't tell if he is saying hello or hola! 

He has also started to make a noise when he touches something that feels funny or that is "icky".  It's hard to explain the noise but it's pretty funny.

Feeding the goats at the State Fair

Cool dude

Getting his picture drawn

Building stuff

Learning our numbers

Going for a ride

Future MVP

The Brown's

One of the few times Dakota stood still long enough for him to do this

Love it!

Snuggling with mommy

Using daddy as a jungle gym

He loves to read!

Getting ready for surgery

Oooh ... it's breezy!

Future MVP

Such a boy!

C'mon mom ... another picture?!?

He loves mommy's old rocking chair!

Loves to rock!

I promise I was stopped when I took this

Slumber party

At the park

He did not want to get out of this swing!

Such a big boy!

First sucker!

He liked the meerkats!

First train ride

Kind of an ironic picture ...

Blue 52 ... blue 52 ... hut hut!

Making friends at the water park

Helping mommy water the plants

Picking up the water and putting it into the bucket???

It's ok mom ... I'll get it.

Check out my sprout!

Mmmm ... pudding!