Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Skating Party

Miss Mara and Mr. Colton

Colton attended his first skating party with one of his best buds, Miss Mara.  He did really well and lasted a lot longer than we thought he would. 

Do you have your good shoes on?

So we just recently had a little thaw out and we took advantage of the nicer weather.  This is how Colton chose to enjoy the weather!

Apparently the apple doesn't fall too far form the tree. When I was a toddler and it would be raining, I had a habit of sitting in the downspout ... one time I was in my nice Easter outfit!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

18 Months! Can you believe it!

Colton's appointment went really well.  He is now 29 pounds 7 ounces (90th percentile) and 34 1/4 inches tall (95th percentile).  He still has both tubes (we thought he might have lost one since he had an ear infection a couple weeks ago) and got 2 vaccines but did soooo well with them.  He's such a good boy.

What's Colton Up To Now:
  • Shapes - knows octagon, diamond, circle, heart, star, oval, flower and triangle
  • Counting - yes our little genius can count to 10
  • Alphabet - can say "A B C"
  • Colors - knows blue and yellow really well but will repeat colors after you say them
  • Talks talks talks - and repeats repeats repeats!  The other day his favorite word was "suck" thanks to his daddy saying "this game sucks"
  • He's wearing 2T clothing and size 7 shoes!
  • Can go up and down the stairs all by himself!
  • Still loves books, balls and cars!
  • Knows his animals and what sounds they make - cow, cat, dog, bunny, lion/tiger, bear, mouse, cow, duck, rooster, horse, fish, bird
  • He can catch a ball now and has a serious arm on him when throwing
  • Is starting to tell us when he's peed or pooped
    • Sometimes he'll just look at you and say "pee" or sometimes he'll point to his diaper and say Elmo or Mickey which we think means he's just peed
    • The other day he looked at me and said "I poop" and sure enough he had!
  • Some of mommy's favorite words right now:
    • Wort (work - he says this when daddy isn't around)
    • Boo-ee (balloon)
    • Ka-wee (color)
    • Sam-oo (Samuel)
    • Ee-mee-nut (In a minute)

 This was taken at daycare as a present for the parents

 He wears this hat all the time!

 First haircut!

 He loves to help clean!

 First time in the snow!


 I love this picture!

 This is our little stinker!

 He wouldn't share with any of us!

 Eating breakfast like a big boy!

 He wanted a diaper on but didn't want to take his pants off!

 Helping daddy with laundry

 First time sitting in his booster seat!

 Our little animal

 He loves his "bees"

Dakota chasing Colton and the lawnmower