Colton's Entrance

At our 40 week check-up on June 28th, it was decided that we should schedule an induction.  I was only at 2 cm and 50 % effaced and Dr. Williams didn't think I would go on my own so we needed to get the delivery kickstarted.  We scheduled to be admitted Saturday, August 1st to start the Cervadil.  After several painful attempts at starting an IV, a new nurse finally got one started.  Then we began the overnight process with the Cervadil.  On Sunday at 6:00 AM they came in to check my cervix and nothing ... the Cervadil hadn't done a thing!

So we began the pitocin / pain killer cocktail.  The contractions began immediately.  I was having a contraction every minute but the pain wasn't too bad at all.  After a few hours, they began to intensify and the pain medicine began to make me ill so they gave me something for the naseau ... which put me to sleep.  I basically slept through the entire labor process.  I had visitors in and out ... nurses checking ... doctors checking ... and I was aware of what was going on but slept through the majority of it.  In the late afternoon / early evening, I decided on an epidural.  It really wasn't that bad at all.  They let Chad stay in (which I guess isn't allowed) but it didn't take very long at all for the procedure.  I positioned myself as I began to really go numb and settled back into sleeping.  They came in to check on me and I told them that my left side wasn't going numb.  They had me lay on my side to see if it evened out and after a while it did.

We kept increasing the pitocin which kept intensifying the contractions but we were still progressing slowly.  Dr. Williams checked me at some point and told us that she felt an ear so we were pointing in the right direction ... now all we needed to do was get me dilated!  Later in the evening, when we were pretty close to maxing out on the pitocin, Dr. Williams informed us that we were only at 4cm and that we needed to discuss a C-section.  I was a little bummed but ready to meet Colton so when she came back in an hour and I was still at 4cm, so we had no choice but to have a C-section.

We prepped for the C-section and as they wheeled me in to the operating room I began to shake.  I don't know if I was cold, nervous, if it was the meds or a combination of all of it but I was trying to stay calm.  They brought Chad and and began some more medicine and made some comment about how 50% of people get sick on this medicine ... yada yada yada ... I looked at Chad and said "get the bucket, I'm going to throw up!"  There was a lot of pressure and moaning and swearing (by Dr. Williams) and it felt like it was taking forever.  I kept thinking I just want to pass out and wake up when it's over and I remember the nurse telling Chad to take a peek over the curtain and Chad's eyes got REALLY big!  After more pressure and moaning and 5 nurses pushing on my stomach, Colton was finally free.  I think I was in and out of consciousness but I remember Chad saying "he's not crying ... why isn't he crying?"  He asked me to look over at Colton but the motion was making me sick.  After what felt like an eternity, we finally heard crying.  Then I was out.  I woke up in the hallway being wheeled back and saw Matt and Kelly in the hallway.  I was on oxygen and shaking really bad.  Colton wasn't with us so it was a little scary.  Dr. Williams came in and said that Colton was actually breech and that the "ear" she felt earlier was his scrotum.  He was folded in half with his back pointing out, his butt down in my pelvis and his head, hands and feet up towards my ribs.  It took a lot of effort to get him out because she couldn't grip him because of how he was folded and that they had to cut my uterus in a cross pattern to make room for him.  She said it was one of her top 5 hardest C-sections and she's been doing this for 25 years! 

During the procedure, my blood pressure dropped really low causing me to pass out.  Colton went into distress because of the length of the C-section and wasn't breathing for the first 3 minutes.  They were able to revive him and sent him to the NICU for a little while so that they could monitor him to make sure everything was ok.  She explained that they would draw blood every hour to check some different levels on him to make sure everything was okay but that none of this would cause any long term damage on him.  I slowly began to regain feeling and the trembling slowed down and after a few hours, I finally got to meet Colton.

Colton was born Monday, August 3, 2009 at 12:01 AM.  He was 9 pounds 10 ounces and 22 1/2 inches long!