Sunday, February 22, 2009

We've finally agreed!

From this day forward, Baby Brown would prefer to be called Colton Parker.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Can you label that man part?"

We had our 17 week checkup and ultrasound yesterday and everything looked great! The baby looked great and gave us a little shot of .... his man part! Well that's what Chad wanted the lady to label it. Chad is so excited to be having a boy ... and it's what I was hoping for as well.
The heartbeat was still strong at 153 bmp, my weight gain was healthy, and I'm measuring really good. We couldn't have asked for a better visit. Chad just kept looking at me and smiling!
The highlight though was when Chad asked Sally (our lab tech) if we could tell if the baby would have big ears, or if they were going to be tall, or have big feet. She said that right now it's all relative to the age of the baby but that after 20 weeks they'd start to take on more hereditary qualities. Well right when she said that we got a really good shot of the foot. She said "well let me show you" which was followed by "well that's not right". Come to find out, our baby's foot is measuring at 26 weeks while his body is where it's supposed to be at 17 weeks ... so looks like he'll have big feet like his daddy (size 15!)
We went to dinner after and then over to Target to buy our first baby items! We got a little jumper that is green and brown that has a little dog on it and says "Ruff Guy". I picked out a little onesy that says "Totally Cuter Than Daddy" and Chad just had to get a little t-shirt that says "Ladies Man". It was so much fun!
So we've got the furniture ordered, we know we are having a boy, and we've ordered the bedding. We are on our way! We'll probably be painting the nursery soon and start working with our pet babies to get them adjusted to the changes. Our next appointment is Wednesday, March 18th at 4:30 PM but I'm sure I'll update you lots of times before then.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Brown is on the move!

So there's been several times when I thought just maybe I could feel the baby moving. It was similar to the feelings that I've read about (feeling like popcorn popping, little flutters, etc.) but last night I definitely felt something. I was having a rough day/night. I just couldn't get to feeling good no matter what I tried. So I just gave up and went upstairs to lie down for the night. As I was laying on my left side, I felt a pretty strong pop on my right side. I am pretty certain it was a kick or a punch or something! I called Chad upstairs and told him and he knelt down next to my stomach and started telling the baby that Daddy's here and to show Daddy what you showed Mommy. It was too cute. Even if it wasn't exactly a movement that I felt, I was just thrilled at the reaction that Chad had. I truly adore him! As a reminder, we go next Wednesday for our 2nd ultrasound to check for abnormalities and to see if this little mover is a boy or a girl. We have some names picked out for both and we are pretty sure that we'll share them as soon as we know what Baby Brown is. I'll post pictures then of the ultrasound and my big ol' baby bump!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My New Mommy Mobile

Well I'm growing up.
My lease is up on my cute little VW Convertible Beetle so I've bought a Mommy Mobile. It's an '09 Acura TSX.

I do really love it though. It has room for at least 4 people (instead of 2 like the Bug) and it has a huge trunk (where the Bug didn't have a trunk at all)!!

Now if I could only get my husband to let me actually have a turn driving it!