Monday, March 30, 2009

Quick Update - 23 Weeks

Well our little soccer player is still kicking away. It's a great feeling but sometimes I just need a break! I've been trying to explain it to Chad and the only way he seems to understand is if I compare the kicking to a wicked fart bubble. Gross I know but he seems to sympathize with me a little more now. I've been having a harder time sleeping. If I am able to find a comfortable position, then my dreams are just crazy! Saturday night I had 3 very strange, very scary dreams. One was that there was a biochemical war going on and if you breathed in the bad stuff then your face would fizz away (reminded me of sour warheads that fizzed in the middle). The only way to save your skin on your face was to smear mustard on it. Yeah you read that right. The really bad part was that when I woke up, all I wanted to eat was mustard. I had my first really weird craving (which isn't too disgusting) and that was dunking cheese into mustard but I withheld and just had the cheese. I am also craving Easter ham and I hate ham! My mom ate ham the entire time she was pregnant with me and to this day I detest ham. I am also on a slushy kick. I ask for a cherry Mr. Misty Float from Dairy Queen at least 5 times a week. So far I'm only averaging 1 a week though. Mom, Kelly and I went to Deanna's bridal shower yesterday. Deanna is my cousin's fiance and she is just too cute! We had a good time (and the food was really good!) and it was nice to hear from people that I looked really good at almost 6 months pregnant. I've been pretty obsessed about my weight this whole pregnancy so it was nice to hear from people (other than the people I see everyday) that I was doing well with my weight. During the shower Colton decided he was going to show off and start dancing in my belly. My mom got to feel him kicking which I thought was pretty awesome! We also painted our hallway/stairs which was the last thing we needed to paint in the house (and the one we were dreading doing). It looks so much better being painted though and it covered up all the marks from where we've moved furniture around. And since it looked so good ... I got this horrible urge to redo the downstairs bathroom. So after an hour long shopping spree, I came home with a new paint color, new miror, new light fixture, new towel ring and a new toilet paper holder. I don't think Chad was too happy with me. I felt like he was punishing me when he had me crawling on the linoleum floor doing the edging. It got done though (thanks to my wonderful husband) and it looks good. Other than that nothing too major going on. We've been doing some spring cleaning and we are excited to be hosting January and Keith's couples baby shower this weekend. I'm sure there will be pictures so I'll post a few after next weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

21 Week Checkup

Everything still looks good! Colton's heartbeat is still really strong and the doctor even pointed out about how difficult it was to get an accurate reading because he kept moving around. I informed Dr. Gomez that he is like that all day. Fortunately he's pretty still at night so when I am able to sleep, it is pretty peaceful. Chad didn't want to go back with me for my checkup but after I explained to him that he'll get to hear the heartbeat, he was excited. He loves to hear the heartbeat. Probably because it's the only way (besides the random kicks he can feel) to get a connection to Colton. Speaking of kicking, last night Chad got to feel some pretty strong ones (thanks to the salsa I just had to have!) Then right after that, I got a kick so strong I actually jumped a little. Well that and he kicked my bladder and I had to run to the bathroom because I thought I was going to wet myself! That's kind of our running joke. Everything I seem to do (sit up, sneeze, cross my legs, get strong kicks, etc.) I feel like I'm going to pee myself! Oh the joys! Anyways, back to the checkup. I'm also doing really good on my weight (which I am obsessed about). I've gained 10 pounds so far. So for being halfway there and halfway on the desired weight gain, I feel pretty good. We go back on Wednesday, April 15th for another standard checkup and then our next appointment after that (probably around May 11th) I'll have to do the glucose test. We've been tracking the pregnancy by big events we have coming up. For example, we'll be 6 months for January's Baby Shower, 7 months for Mark and Amy's wedding, 8 months for my first baby shower, 9 months for my cousin Brent's wedding and the full 40 weeks for my father-in-law's birthday (my due date is Cecil's birthday). I sure hope I'm up for everything. We've got a really busy summer which is great because we are so anxious for Colton and I'm hoping it helps time go quicker!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Colton's First Basketball

I just wanted to thank Patricia for thinking of Chad and I when she brought us a little basketball for Colton.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Colton's a kickin'!

So we think Chad has felt Colton kick before ... but last night he really got to feel the wrath of Colton's big o'feet! He kicked daddy's hand 3 times in a row. He was kicking much more than that but some weren't strong enough for Chad to feel and the rest of the time Chad didn't have his hand on my belly. He played soccer for about 30 minutes last night which made it difficult to go to sleep. Sunday night Chad played in rounds 1 & 2 of his basketball tournament. They won the first game pretty easily and pulled off the second one nicely too. Normally Colton is active in the morning but not so much at night but he must have loved the sound of the basketballs bouncing because he was kicking like mad! I told Chad and he said "well yeah, he is going to be a basketball player". Colton - you can be whatever you want but I think daddy would love it if you did play basketball!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Colton's Crib ... Literally!

Yay for Colton's room! We still have some finishing touches to do but it turned out amazing! We love it and we hope Colton will too!
Changing Table / Dresser Crib and Glider
Thanks Joe for helping Chad with the furniture and thank you Krista for bringing over Pippa so we didn't have to help!

Joe & Chad

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daddy finally felt Colton kick!

So last night after a delicious spaghetti supper (thanks Chad for all that you do!) we sat down to watch 24 on the DVR. I told Chad that Colton was really moving around so he must like spaghetti too. I was feeling some pretty good kicks on my belly so I told Chad to see if he could feel. Sure enough, Colton kicked Daddy's hand. I got a little misty-eyed about it because Chad's been wanting to feel him kick for awhile now. Colton is very very active. He really moves around in the morning and whenever I am hungry. It wasn't his strongest kick but at least Chad got to feel. I felt my first solid kick with my hand on my belly (not those little internal kicks that only I can feel) on Monday. I had called Chad to tell him and he wanted me to leave work early so he could feel. I told him that wasn't really reasonable. The doctor told us at our last appointment that it would be a month or so before Chad could feel anything but with Colton's big feet, I knew it would be sooner than that. I'm looking forward to this weekend though so that Chad can feel him in the morning! Just a couple other little updates, late last week I was having some pretty bad cramps. I called the doctor and they said they thought it was just round ligament pain and to take it easy. Then that night I got my first leg cramp. Man that hurt! My calf was sore for 3 days after that. I tried to wake Chad up by punching him in the back and beating my hand on the headboard but he never woke up. Must be nice to be able to sleep through anything! I'm feeling better now though. Since the doctor told me to take it easy I thought I would paint the nursery ... whoops ... anyways, we have the nursery painted and the furniture is sitting in boxes up stairs in our bonus room. Our goal this weekend is to put up the chair rail in Colton's room and get the furniture put together. Our good friends (and neighbors) Joe and Krista have volunteered to help us so we are so grateful for them! I'll post pictures this weekend!