Thursday, November 19, 2009

4 Months!

Colton is going to be soooo big! He's 18.3 pounds (96th percentile) and 27.5 inches long (99th percentile). He is very healthy besides an ear infection but they gave him Amoxicilin to help with that. His congestion is just in his nose and throat so that was good to hear. We were also told that him waking up at 3:00 in the morning is probably because of his ear infection so let's all pray that is true! We have been given the go ahead to start on solid foods and we were told to make sure we have a convertible car seat by Christmas because he won't be in his infant carrier much longer. He got two shots and one oral vaccination today so hopefully those don't bother him too much tonight. We will go back for his 6 month checkup on January 29th and our goals by then are to be able to sit up and change toys from one hand to another.
Here's what Colton has been up to this month:
  • He can roll from his back to his belly! Chad and I got to experience his first roll over together the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!
  • He can roll over from his belly to his back if he's positioned just right but he doesn't like being on his stomach.
  • He grabs hold of everything and won't let go! He'll reach for toys if they are dangling or out of his reach.
  • He puts everything in his mouth!
  • He can get his head and shoulders off the floor when laying on his back.
  • He can roar (thanks Grand Dude ... yeah right ... by roar I mean he screams now!)
  • He can sit on his own for about 15 seconds before falling over ... hey you have to start somewhere!
  • He has been acting like he's cutting teeth but we don't feel or see anything yet.
  • He eats 6 ounces every 3 hours but sometimes he'll eat 8 ounces. He also eats rice cereal on occasion but we were waiting for the doctor's go ahead to make it a regular thing.
  • He has found his toes ... this started right after he rolled over from his back to his belly. He's even starting to tug on his socks.
  • He watches daddy to learn how to use his toys and then imitates Chad's movements.
  • He has learned peek a boo and will laugh when you show yourself.
  • He has the best laugh ever! He really laughs when you blow razzies on his belly.
  • He smiles a lot ... and loves to flirt with the ladies still!

*Such a cutie!*

*Genius in the making*

*Daddy's idea of babysitting*

*I've found my toes!*

We also had our first Thanksgiving together. It was nice but very stressful and lots of running around. I'm sure his ear infection had a lot to do with how fussy he was. We're excited for Christmas but hope it's a little easier for us!

Thanksgiving at Great Grandma Brown's Colton with Grandma Brown

Uncle Matt is actually holding Colton?!? J/K Colton with Great Grandma Paula Colton with Nana

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Did somebody say food?

*He's really checking it out!*
So we just couldn't wait anymore and we tried some rice cereal with Colton on Sunday morning. He did really well and I think he even liked it! He looked so big sitting in his high chair!

*First Bite*

The first time we gave him cereal was after he'd already eaten and we just wanted to see if he'd even take it. He'd been pretty fussy in the morning (we think he's teething) so at that point we had to try something. The second time we gave him cereal, we fed him 2 ounces of formula, then fed him some cereal until he got fussy, and then finished off the bottle! He did a lot better the second time around and was opening his mouth when the spoon came to him and then was chewing what made it into his mouth!

*Not quite sure about this?!?*

We aren't going to make this a regular thing right now though. He's got his 4 month wellness check on December 4th and I want to get the doctor's opinion first before we advance any further. For now we'll stick to rice cereal as a snack.

*Daddy's Turn*

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Colton's 1st Halloween!

Daddy with his little pumpkin
Mommy and Colton Our Little Monkey
We started Colton's halloween at Grandma & Grandpa Brown's house. He had a whole bag of goodies from them that wouldn't fit in his little treat bag. They got "him" some candy, some enfamil packets, and a Baby Enstein radio. He really loves the radio! He let us put his costume on with only a little bit of fussing and get some good pictures of him!
Grandma giving Colton his goodies
Look at all his candy!
He looks so big!
We love our little monkey!
His first halloween onesie!
He smiles just like his daddy!
He loves his radio!
Colton with his trick or treat bag!
Our next stop was at Auntie K and Uncie Matt's house. Matt actually got to take a break from studying to come down and have dinner with us! Matt is in law school and we are all very proud of him! Grandma & Grandpa Garrett came over to Kelly's house too to celebrate Kelly's first halloween in her new house. Colton got a book from Grand-Nanna & Grand-Dude. Colton apparently had too much candy (just kidding) because his tummy was pretty upset. I think he threw up on me 2 times and 3 times while playing on the floor. He didn't want to put his costume on at all over there so they'll just have to see his costume through the other pictures. We had a good time celebrating halloween with Kelly and Izzie looked adorable in her costume too!
Ten Timid Ghosts
Auntie K & her hot pocket
Uncie Matt, Auntie K, Izzie & Colton
Waiting for the trick-or-treaters
They can get down on the floor ... but can they get back up?
First halloween at Kelly's new house
Kelly and her little pumpkin