Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I want that color

Let's write our names on them!

Oooh ... blue!

You're doing great mommy!

Check out that basket!

Eggs are dry!  Time for stickers!

Thanks daddy!

Love that smile!

Look at the pretty eggs!

Working on putting on his shoes ... the trick is to bring your foot to the shoe ... not the other way around!

It's so lonely at the kid's table :(

Finding easter eggs with Aunt Kelly

Tired little bug!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!

You go this way and I'll go that way!

Help me out dad!

Do you think we found enough?

Let's see what we got daddy

In love with these two!

And I think these two are in love!

21 Months

What has Colton done this past month?
  • Began saying "Where is she? ... It's all gone ... It went bye bye ... I found it!"
  • Discovered the humor in picking his nose
  • Got both his bottom 2 year molars in
  • Started saying “it's so funny”
  • Can do the motions to the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" song
  • Started saying “I’m tumming” (I’m coming)
  • Said "you’re welcome" (just not when he’s supposed to - he'll say it when he should be saying thank you)
  • Began requesting juice from Chad.  Colton was laying with mommy on the bed and he turned his head and yelled “Chad … juicy”.  Love it!
  • Sang "Twinkle Twinkle" to us at dinner (almost all the words!)
  • Began drinking from a big boy cup the whole dinner
     Playdate with Miss LeiLa & Miss Nevaeh
    Sitting in the window at Nana & Bumpaw's
    (This is where Kelly and I used to play drive thru)
    Checking out all the windchimes with Bumpaw
    Playing Bubbles with Miss Mara at her birthday party
    The things we do to our kids!
    Colton and Miss Mara
    Colton playing on the rigging structure at my work
    Woaw!  Big Tractor!
    Colton snuggling with Mickey
    Colton's Monkey Rainboots

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mutt Strut 2011

Nice picture of Dakota's butt

We participated in the 8th Annual Mutt Strut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, May 1st. Despite the rainy weather, we had a great time. The rain even quit right before we started!

 Colton's Ready!

Lori, Izzy, Colton, Chad & Dakota

 Kelly, Izzy & Lori

 Colton helping the girls walk Izzy

 The sun was trying to come out!

Colton & Mommy