Monday, October 11, 2010

14 Month Update

Weight:  28 pounds 10 ounces
Length:  33 1/4 in

He is such a blessing and we enjoy every day with him.  He learns so quickly and changes so much each day.  Here's some of his latest "tricks":
  • Blows kisses (I have a video posted of that) and he also gives kisses!  His two favorite gals right now are Aunt K and Miss Mara!
  • He can use a fork all by himself
  • Knows / signs:
    • More (touches pointer fingers together)
    • Please (rubs belly)
    • Drink (puts his finger into his mouth and pulls it out making a popping noise)
  • Talks talks talks ... he babbles on and on and has quite a list of words he can say and recognize.  His list of words he can say are (and I'm sure I'm forgetting some):
    • Mama
    • Daddy ... said dadeee
    • Nana
    • Cat ... said daaaat
    • Clock ... said clooooock
    • Dog
    • Car ... said caaaar
    • Fish ... said tish
    • Eyes
    • Nose ... said noooo
    • Mouth
    • No ... said nah
    • Up (with the emphasis on the "p")
    • Down
    • Done
    • Book ... said boook
    • On / Off (usually when there's a light switch involved)
    • Boat
    • Bye Bye (usually accompanied with a wave or blowing kisses)
    • More ... said moooore
    • Ball ... said ba or sometimes baaaall
    • Pretty (he's said this a couple of times)
    • I've heard him say his name a couple of times but I think that's a fluke
    • Touchdown ... said tada
    • Booms (knuckle knocks blowing up ... he'll say boom)
  • Other words he knows but doesn't say yet: 
    • Ears (he'll flip his ears)
    • Feet (touches his feet)
    • Belly (points at his belly)
    • Fluff your hair (he'll rub his hand on top of his head)
    • Outside (he'll run to one of the doors)
    • Sippy (he'll run to the refrigerator)
    • Eat (he'll run to his high chair)
    • Snack (he'll run to the pantry)
    • Turtle (he can find all the turtles in the bath)
    • Duck
    • Bird
    • Slide (he'll walk over to his play set to slide)
    • Diaper (he'll get a diaper out for us now)
    • Baskets (we use this to have him help pick up his toys since he likes to make baskets all the time)
  • He's getting really good at walking fast / running

  • He knows "Ring around the rosey" ... he'll spin around in a circle while you sing and sometimes he'll fall down when he's supposed to
  • He'll bring his shoes to you and lift his foot to put them on
  • He loves to read! His favorite books right now are "Five Little Pumpkins", "That's Not My Dinosaur", and "Wiggle Your Toes"
    • In the book "Five Little Pumpkins" it says "oooh went the wind and out went the lights ..."  well I'll say "ooh went the wind and [pause]" Colton will say "out" when we get to that part ... it's so cute!
  • He is really into climbing right now ... it's a little unnerving to see Colton standing on top of toys or trying to climb up onto speakers!
We've added brushing our teeth to our bedtime routine ... he steps up onto his step stool and we brush our teeth after our bath. It's pretty cute!

 Sitting in a booster seat at Noble Roman's
 His favorite thing to do ... play with cords!
 Playing horn with a toilet paper roll!
 Helping mommy do some yard work
Climbing on top of the hot tub  
 Bubble goatee
 Love his smile!
 Playing trucks
 Little stinker
 Teaching Colton he can touch the pumpkin
 Check out these skills!
 That's right people ... I can use a fork now!
 Dressing up like George Washington
Mommy and Colton 
 Picking out a book
Helping Daddy mow 
His favorites ... Doug Dog, Lucy Bug, and his blankie
 Playing ball with Aunt K
Getting so good at taking steps down

Colton goes November 5th for his 15 month check up.  We've been warned it's a rough round of vaccines so we're not real excited ... but I'm sure he'll do just fine.  Whenever they warn us to except something, Colton always does the opposite!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We took Colton to Beasley's Apple Orchard on Sunday for a Fall festival.  It was pretty chilly and windy but we all had a good time!  We shopped around inside and bought apple cider for Chad, a small pumpkin (or ball as Colton keeps calling them) for Colton, some gourds for me to put in my halloween decorations and candy sticks (a tradition that my family does every time we go to Beasley's).
 Wow Mom ... there's more than 5 little pumkins here!
 Don't worry I'll get it ...
 So many to choose from ...
 Ahhh ... I need a break!

Then we took a hayride out to the actual pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkin. We just got a small pumpkin from the patch but we let Colton pick it out. How did he decide which one he wanted ... well you'll see below.

 He was saying hello to the people in the cart in front of us
 Are we there yet?
 Which one do I want?
This one looks good!
Yup ... this is the one I want!
 Attempting to walk through the pumpkin patch (he kept tripping on the vines)
 That's not my dinosaur ... it's skin is too foamy!
(We read a book called "That's Not My Dinosaur" everyday!)

We'll definitely be going back next year and enjoying some more of the festivities that Colton was too young to do this year.

I'm working on his 14 month update so I hope to have that up in the next few days or so.  Hope everyone is enjoying Fall!